Gas Handling

ASP offers a variety of products to meet your Gas Handling needs. The products are designed for use in conventional gas handling, high purity, high pressure or intrinsically safe applications. All products can be customized to meet you specific needs.

Point of Use Gas Panels

Our Point of Use Gas Panels are perfect for providing a termination point between your bulk supplies and your equipment. They come in three configurations to meet your needs: High Purity utilizing VCR connection, Brass for conventional gases and Vacuum. All panels come standard labeled with regulator, pressure gauge and mounted on 1/8 thk. black anodized Aluminum panels.

Automated Gas Compressor Cabinet

Our Automated Gas Compressor Cabinet is a PLC controlled, networkable gas pressurization system. The system is capable of pressurizing conventional, high purity and flammable gases to pressure of 30,000 PSI. Each cabinet is built to meet the specific needs of the gas being delivered. The touch screen interface provides the operator with all the feedback and process variables to safely pressurize the gas and deliver it to your applications

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